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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Spreading the Word

Another year is drawing to a close and this is always the time for year end reviews and reflections.  The golf program at Ranken Jordan is closing in on 3 years old and it doesn't seem a day goes by when I don't look back on that time.  One of the things things that has made me the happiest this year (aside from all the smiles and great stories from the kids) is the evolution of the questions I have received from people not associated with the hospital.

Early on in our program questions typically consisted of "Why?"  We would also hear "How do you get the kids in wheelchairs (or hospital beds) hitting golf balls?"  Now many people are starting to "get" it and understand the significant role golf plays in the lives of these great kids.  This year, more often than not, the question I have received the most is about the various media stories on our golf program.  Since I have heard that question so often this year I will keep this post short and provide links to everything.  Please feel free to click and read or watch at your convenience.  The best part of all the articles and television stories is the spotlight they shine on the kids and the hospital.  Every time the golf program is discussed in any type of media coverage the focus goes to the kids and the hospital.  There is also a link to Ranken Jordan's January 18 Crystal Ball Gala at the Ritz-Carlton in Clayton, MO.  Those who can should definitely attend!

Mary Ranken Jordan Society Service to Children Award Video

Golf Channel article by Al Tays

Joe Strauss article in St. Louis Post-Dispatch

KSDK-TV 5 story about Scott Simpson's visit

KSDK-TV 5 story by Kay Quinn

VuGolf story with Dustin Ashby part 1

VuGolf story with Dustin Ashby part 2

2014 Ranken Jordan Crystal Ball Gala

I certainly hope everyone had a happy holiday season and best wishes for a healthy New Year! Please keep the e-mails, phone calls, text messages, and tweets coming with any comments, questions, and feedback about the junior golf program and/or Ranken Jordan.

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